Conservation Areas

A Conservation Area is “an area of special architectural interest, the character or appearance of which is desirable to preserve or enhance”.

Things that make the character of a conservation area:

  • The historic layout of property boundaries and roads   
  • Views along streets and between buildings
  • Characteristic materials
  • Details of buildings
  • Walls, railings and hedges
  • Trees and open spaces

Historic England have guidance on conservation areas.

Conservation Areas in Rutland

In Rutland there are 34 Conservation Areas. You can view the conservation areas on our interactive map. 

You can view a list of the villages with a designated conservation area and Article 4 Direction here. 

New Development

Conservation areas do not preserve things unchanged, but should prevent harm from new works. New work should blend well with its surroundings. Care should be given to:

  • Height and scale.      
  • Design and layout.
  • Boundaries to roads, footpaths and open spaces.
  • Local architectural details.
  • Materials.
  • Landscape.

Before you make a planning application, discussions with planning officers are recommended.  Often a full application, rather than an outline application, will be needed, as it is the details that are important.

Planning Permission

You can make some changes to your property without having to make a planning application.  These are called permitted development rights. However, in conservation areas these rights are less. Works such as extensions, changes to the roof shape, cladding of walls, buildings in your garden and satellite dishes might require permission.

Article 4 Directions

We have in some villages put more controls in place. These are called Article 4 Directions. and are listed here.   You can also view the areas designated as under the Article 4 Directions on our interactive map. 

The Direction can cover alterations to roofs (including chimneys and materials); front walls (including porches, extensions, windows and doors); and front gardens (including parking spaces, walls, gates and fences).

A planning application is needed for these works.


There are controls over demolition in conservation areas. A planning application will normally be needed. Demolition of a building or part of a building may be refused unless it is beyond repair, or where its removal or replacement would enhance the conservation area.

Repairs to Buildings

Repairs will not normally need permission, as long as the materials used are like-for-like.

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