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Household waste and recycling centres

Household waste and recycling centres (HWRC) are also known as civic amenity sites or rubbish tips. 

These centres are a good place to dispose of your extra waste and recycling, green waste from your garden, broken electrical goods, white goods and unwanted furniture.      

Phased return to a full service after COVID restrictions lifted

We hope to return to a full HWRC service by 21 June 2021, if the Government's spring roadmap for ending lockdown and lifting of COVID-19 restrictions allows.

This will be done in phases, to make sure operations run as smoothly and safely as possible:

  • 12 April - a temporary booking system ( available on this web page) will start from 27 April.  To reserve a time slot for the North Luffenham site please use the link . From 27 April, you will not be able to use the North Luffenham site unless you have booked in advance
  • The booking system allows six cars on site every 20 minutes at North Luffenham - that's 18 cars per hour or 144 cars a day
  • 27 April - all temporary traffic restrictions currently in place around site will be removed, meaning two-way traffic flow will be reinstated along Glebe Road. The new exit gate at North Luffenham HWRC will also be brought into use for the first time
  • 4 May - a temporary booking system to use Cottesmore HWRC will be live on this web page
  • 17 May - Cottesmore HWRC reopens, but you will not be able to use the site unless you have booked
  • The booking system will allow three cars on site every 20 minutes at Cottesmore - that's 9 cars per hour or 72 cars a day
  • Cottesmore HWRC will be open Friday to Monday
  • Trailers will continue to be banned from Cottesmore HWRC when the site reopens on 17 May, although this will be kept under review

If the Government does not meet the tests that have been set for easing lockdown and certain restrictions are not lifted as planned, we will not be able to restore the HWRC service

Book or cancel your time slot at North Luffenham or Cottesmore HWRC

Book your time slot

Cancel your time slot

Sites in Rutland

There are two sites in Rutland:

  • Cottesmore HWRC: Burley Road, Cottesmore, Rutland LE15 7BZ - this site is open four days a week: Friday to Monday, 10am to 6pm
  • North Luffenham HWRC: North Luffenham Road, Morcott, Rutland LE15 9DW - this site is open six days a week: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm

HWRCs can only be used by people who live in Rutland - you have to register to use them

Site Rules

Please follow the COVID-19 measures when you visit:

  • Stay two metres away from other visitors and staff at all times 
  • Wear a face mask if you can
  • Only one person at a time to dispose of waste in any container
  • Only one person to access the staircases at a time
  • Do not visit if you or anyone from your household have Covid-19 symptoms
  • Two people from the same household may leave their vehicle only to carry large items
  • Other passengers must remain in the car
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • No Horseboxes


Trailer bookings can be made for North Luffenham HWRC from Monday 10 May, before trailers are allowed back onto the site from Tuesday 18 May.

Trailers will not be permitted at Cottesmore HWRC when the site reopens. However, we are continuing to keep this under review.

A Horsebox is classed as a trailer in this instance.

Opening hours

The Cottesmore site is currently closed, but if the Government's spring roadmap for coming out of lockdown allows, we will reopen the site on 17 May 2021.

The North Luffenham site is open 10am until 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays).

The site may need to close at short notice in the event of adverse weather conditions such as high wind, snow or ice.

Items accepted at the centres

 You can dispose of:

  • batteries
  • books
  • bicycles
  • cardboard and paper
  • carpet
  • CDs and DVDs
  • clothes and shoes
  • electrical appliances
  • fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
  • food tins and drinks cans
  • fridges, freezers and other white goods
  • garden waste
  • gas bottles
  • glass
  • hardcore and rubble (non commercial)
  • household and garden chemicals
  • mattresses
  • plasterboard
  • plastics
  • paint
  • scrap metal
  • soil
  • tyres
  • TVs, stereos and computers
  • used engine oil
  • wood and timber
  • non-recyclable household waste

See our A-Z recycling guide

HWRC rules

 These rules must be followed at both centres:  

  • no commercial waste is accepted
  • no clinical waste is accepted
  • no asbestos-based materials are accepted
  • no cement bonded sheets are accepted
  • no fireworks or other explosives are accepted
  • any children under the age of 16 must remain in cars at all times while on the site
  • only bring waste that you're able to unload yourself, for example if it took two people to load heavy items into a vehicle, then two people should come to the site to unload