Edith Weston Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Review 

The Edith Weston Neighbourhood Plan committee are undertaking a review of the Edith Weston Neighbourhood Plan.  Visit the Edith Weston Parish Council website for news and updates.

 Neighbourhood Plan Adoption

Edith Weston neighbourhood plan was formally adopted at full Council of Rutland County Council meeting on 9 June 2014.

As per Neighbourhood Plan Regulations 2012, this neighbourhood plan is now 'made'. The neighbourhood plan now forms part of the statutory development plan for the area and should be used when determining planning applications within the identified neighbourhood area. 

Edith Weston Neighbourhood Plan Stages



 Neighbourhood Area Designated

April 2012

 Draft Plan Published

February 2013

 Final Plan Submitted

August 2013

 Examiner's Report Approved

17 February 2014


3 April 2014

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