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Affordable home ownership schemes

There is a range of government schemes to help eligible people to buy a home, at a lower initial cost to a similar property on the open market.  For instance, there are around 200 shared ownership properties in Rutland.

There is more information on affordable home ownership on the Government’s website and from Help to Buy Midlands which lists many properties available locally and keeps a register of eligible buyers.

Other shared ownership (part rent part buy) properties are advertised from time to time on the websites of local estate agents and housing associations. These may be new homes, or existing modern properties that are being resold.  The home purchase pages of some local housing associations who are building shared ownership homes in Rutland are listed below. 

Longhurst Group


All these schemes have various eligibility rules and other conditions and some do not meet the official definition of affordable housing.  For some schemes (particularly in villages), there may be a local connection requirement or an 80% limit on the proportion of the home that you can buy.

Further information for members of the Armed Forces and their families 

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