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Report a change of circumstance

Report a change of circumstance

We need to know about any changes in your household that could affect how much Council Tax you pay.

If you have a change to tell us about, please download, complete and return our Change of Circumstance form.

Changes can include: 

  • Moving into or out of a property
  • Getting married, separated or divorced
  • A change of name
  • Someone older than 18 has left or moved in
  • Someone older than 18 has become or stopped being a student
  • Someone older than 18 has become an apprentice
  • Someone has gone into care or prison
  • You have had to adapt your home due to a disability

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Change of circumstance
Thank you for completing this form. If we require any further information we will contact you using the details above.

Fair processing notice for NFI Council Tax/Electoral Register data-matching exercise. 

Council Tax/Register of Electors data-matching exercise. 

Rutland County Council has a duty to protect the public funds it administers. As part of a national exercise, we have been required to supply Council Tax information to the Audit Commission. 

The information we have supplied includes Council Tax payer’s names and addresses and discounts being claimed. 

The Audit Commission intends to compare the information we have supplied with the Electoral Register.

If it appears a Council Tax discount is being claimed incorrectly, we will make further enquiries to establish whether the discount should be cancelled. 

The Council can impose a penalty if a Council Tax payer claims a discount that he or she is not entitled to. 

Please contact us immediately if you have forgotten to tell us that you are no longer entitled to a Council Tax discount on 01572 722 577

We may share the information you have provided with other departments within the Council.