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Council performance

Our Corporate Strategy sets out a vision for Rutland, explaining what we hope to achieve for you over the next five years.

To understand if the council is delivering effectively against this vision, we must be able to measure our performance.  To do so we monitor our progress against a range of key service indicators which are aligned to the priorities within our Strategy.  

We produce performance reports on a quarterly basis which helps us to understand our overall progress and to identify any areas where we may need to adapt and respond to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our community. 

The corporate performance report and summary documents are submitted to Cabinet and can be viewed in the minutes for these meetings.

Summaries of Council performance:

2021 – 2022

Quarter one performance report

Quarter two performance report

2020 – 2021

Quarter four year end performance summary 

Annual reports:

Annual report 2021-22

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Was this information helpful?
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