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Roadworks and Road Closures

Roadworks and Road Closures

We are responsible for monitoring and co-ordinating road works in Rutland to keep the public safe and reduce congestion and delays on the highways. 

Below you'll find details of all the latest roadworks taking place in Rutland.

You can view more detailed information about these roadworks and future works by visiting the national roadworks.org website.

The interactive roadworks.org map is searchable and shows details about dates, severity of impact, and who is responsible for the works. You can also sign up for emails alerts for road works in your area.

Latest works

Sometimes road works are unforeseen and may not be listed if, for example, a utility company needs to carry out urgent repairs due to a power cut, a burst water main or a gas leak.

Road Closures

  • Bayleys Close, Empingham: 16th January to 5th March
  • Manton Road, Edith Weston: 12th February
  • Ayston Road, Uppingham: 19th to 23rd February (closed to southbound traffic between Uppingham Roundabout and Firs Avenue)
  • Ashwell Level Crossing: 21st to 23rd February
  • Oakham Resurfacing: 12th February to 9th March

Temporary Traffic Signals    

  • Ayston Road, Uppingham: 29th January to 2nd March
  • Lands’ End Way: 23rd January to 23rd February
  • Church Street, Ryhall: 30th January to 5th March – Anglian Water
  • Ketton Lane, Tixover: 13th to 19th February   Western Power
  • Todds Terrace, Uppingham: 14th February to 15th March – Cadent Gas
  • Leicester Road, Uppingham: 12th to 20th February – Severn Trent Water
  • Ketton Road, Hambleton: 19th to 26th February – Western Power 
  • Melton Road, Langham: 20th February – George Walker
  • Bull Brigg Lane, Whitwell: 19th February – George Walker
  • A1 slip road, Stretton: 21st to 22nd February – George Walker
  • Main Street, Thistleton: 20th to 22nd February –  Severn Trent Water
  • Church Lane, Caldecott: 21st to 22nd February – Openreach
  • Oakham Road, Greetham (B668): 21st to 23rd February – Energetics Gas
  • Church Street/High Street, Oakham: 20th to 21st February – Tarmac
  • Old Great North Road (B1081): 18th February – Tarmac

Parking Suspension   

  • South View, Uppingham: 2nd January to 2nd July 2018    
  • Penn Street, Oakham: 15th January to 26th October 2018

For more information and details of live incidents, please see the national roadworks.org website.

Oakham Resurfacing

Carriageway resurfacing and associated works are due to take place in Oakham from 12th February to 9th March 2018.

The resurfacing has been programmed to follow recent utility works in the town and excludes the High Street.

To maintain the safety of residents, road users and contractors the works will be carried out under a road closure and with local diversions in place.

Resurfacing programme

Resurfacing works will take place according to the following schedule:

Phase 1 - Blue

Station Road and Church Street: 12th to 16th February

Routes affected
  • Station Road from the junction with Burley Road to the junction with Kilburn Road
  • Church Street from the junction with Station Road to midpoint between the car par exit and entrance

Phase 2 - Green

Church Street and Northgate: 19th to 23rd February

Routes affected
  • Church Street from midway between Church Street car park entrance and exit to the junction with High Street
  • Northgate from the junction with Church Street to the BT exchange

Phase 3 - Red

Northgate: 26th February to 1st March

Routes affected
  • From the BT exchange to the junction with Station Road

Phase 4 - Purple

Station Road: 2nd to 8th March

Routes affected
  • From the junction with Northgate to the junction with Kilburn Road
Oakham Resurfacing


Vehicles normally parked on the affected roads will be asked to find alternative parking arrangements while works are taking place.  

Work will take place between 7.00am and 6.00pm. Outside of these times the road will be open to traffic.

Waste collections

Waste and recycling collections will continue to take place while resurfacing works are carried out and bins will be collected in before works commence at 7.00am.

Licences to work within the highway 

Any work within the adopted highway will need a licence from the highways authority. The highways authority issues application forms for the following works:

  • Road Closures
  • Traffic Lights
  • Scaffolds
  • Section 50 Licences
  • Dropped Kerbs
  • Traffic Lights
  • Skips
  • Licences to Cultivate/for benches

These licences enable us to ensure the works are carried out by an approved body with the correct insurances; they also help the council to coordinate work to mitigate congestion on the network. 

To apply for a licence please contact our Highways team by emailing: highways@rutland.gov.uk 

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Was this information helpful?