Dentists and dental health

Unlike doctors, dentists do not have a list depending on their locality. You can choose to go to any dentist, as long as they have spare appointments.

If you do not have a dentist and need urgent dental care, contact NHS 111.

You can find an NHS dentist through the national NHS website. 

How to find an NHS dentist

Protect your children's teeth

Tooth decay has a major impact on children’s health and wellbeing. Early Childhood Caries - often affects the upper front teeth spreading rapidly to other teeth and is related to the consumption of sugary drinks in baby bottles or sippy cups.

Find a local dentist


  • Reduce both the amount and how often sugary foods and drinks are given to children
  • Breast feeding provides the best nutrition for babies. The best drinks for young children aged 1 to 2 are full fat milk and water. From 2 years old, semi-skimmed milk and water are suitable as long as the child is a good eater.
  • Don’t add sugar to weaning foods or drinks 
  • Aim to introduce drinking from a free-flow cup from six months of age and stop feeding from a bottle from 12 months of age

Tooth Brushing

  • Start brushing children’s teeth as soon as the first tooth appears and supervise their tooth brushing until they are seven or eight years old. 
  • Brush children’s teeth twice daily, including just before bed, using a fluoride toothpaste.
  • From the age of three, use only a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste, for younger children a smear
  • Brush for two minutes twice daily with fluoride toothpaste in order to remove plaque bacteria. Spit don’t rinse


  • Tap  water in Rutland is not supplemented with fluoride
  • Children aged over 3 should have their teeth coated with fluoride varnish by their dentist every 6 months. This treatment is free and available to all children

Dental Visits

  • Take a child to see the dentist as soon as the first tooth shows in the mouth
  • Children should be taken to the dentist regularly not just when in pain
  • Dental Care is free of charge up until the age of 18 if you attend an NHS dentist
  • Free NHS dental care for ALL pregnant mothers and for twelve months after birth
  • Use only sugar-free medicines. 
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Was this information helpful?
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