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Who can get Housing Benefit and how to claim

Who can claim Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit helps with your rent if you:

  • Are Pension Age.
  • Live in supported accommodation. This is accommodation where you received support such as care, supervision, or advice to help you live there independently. Examples are sheltered housing, refuges, or hostels.
  • Live in temporary accommodation.
  • Couples where only one is pension age (mixed age couples), can either claim Housing Benefit from us or Universal Credit from the Department for Work and Pensions – it depends on your circumstances.

Most working age people will need to claim Universal Credit which can be done here.

How to claim Housing Benefit

Let us know as soon as you want to claim by emailing your details to benefits@rutland.gov.uk. Then please complete a claim form and return it to us within one month.

You can download and print a claim form, or alternatively let us know in your email if you want us to post a claim form to you.

We will check to see if you can get Council Tax Support so you only need to fill in the form once.

What happens next

All work received is looked at in date order, so please allow 10 working days before you contact us to enquire about the progress of your claim.

You can view your benefit claim online here. This is a quick, easy service that lets you see your claim, including details of any rent payments and invoices for overpaid Housing Benefit.

All you need to register is an email address and your reference number.

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Was this information helpful?
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