About your ceremony

Please see our Marriage Ceremonies and Civil Partnerships during COVID-19 page for more information This page has everything you need to know about planning your ceremony. 

You can also submit your ceremony plans for Catmose Cottage and other licensed venues through this page.

Arrival at the venue  


  • you must be interviewed separately by the registration officer just before the ceremony – please allow time for this
  • to make sure your guests know the venue address, and where to park
  • to make sure your witnesses/guests arrive on time – registration officers often conduct several ceremonies a day - if you're late, we might have to postpone your ceremony
  • to allow for traffic when planning your journey

Before the ceremony

  • you may want to ask someone to be responsible for looking after your guests and making sure they sit where you'd like them to on the day (an usher, for example)
  • the registration officer will be in touch to confirm your details, and collect any fees


  • any readings must be strictly non-religious, and will have to be approved by a registration officer before your ceremony

  • there are many civil wedding related websites which can help with ideas for readings

Photographs and videos

  • Guests may take photographs from their seats throughout the ceremony, but should not use flash or a loud shutter
  • At Catmose Cottage or Rutland’s Licensed Venues, you can nominate one person to take photos throughout the ceremony (without flash or a loud shutter).  This might be an official photographer or a friend/relative. 
  • Many of our venues have attractive gardens or grounds for some extra photographs after the ceremony
  • If someone's going to film your ceremony,  tell us on your ceremony plan - we'll be able to show them the best place to record from on the day


  • you must provide two witnesses
  • witnesses can be family members, friends or even strangers off the street!
  • your witnesses must be over 15 years old, able to understand English and the significance of the ceremony they're witnessing 


If you get married at Catmose Cottage, your guests can throw confetti - we ask that this is only done outside.

This is to help keep the room tidy for other ceremonies on the same day. 

If you get married at any other venue,  you'll need to contact them to see if they allow confetti.