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Council car parks

This page has information about our pay and display car parks in Oakham and Uppingham.

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How to pay

Our pay and display machines do not accept coins, cash notes or chip and PIN card payments.

You can use the RingGo parking service to pay for your parking, through your mobile phone:

Get the app: Android (Google Play) or Apple (App Store)

Website: www.RingGo.co.uk 

Call: 020 3046 0060

We absorb the convenience fee charged by RingGo - make sure you disable the text reminder setting to avoid being charged for the message

Need help?

If you need help to use pay and display:

Email: parkingmanagement@rutland.gov.uk

Call: 01572 758406

Parking enforcement

Our civil enforcement officers can patrol Oakham and Uppingham at any time. 

Double yellow lines, blue badge bays and taxi ranks are enforceable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including bank holidays). 

Double yellow lines in Oakham & Uppingham are enforced at any time - this includes evenings, nights, Sundays and bank holidays.

Oakham resident bays are enforced 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. 

Motorcycle parking

Single motorcycles can park for free in any Council car park space, except in a disabled bay (unless displaying a valid blue badge). 

If you need advice on parking, our parking team will be happy to help:

Email: parkingmanagement@rutland.gov.uk

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Was this information helpful?
Was this information helpful?