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Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit

Under the Gambling Act 2005 (“the Act”) a Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit applies to premises with a (Licensing Act 2003 on-premises) alcohol licence that also serve alcohol without the requirement that it accompanies food. A pub, restaurant or hotel with a bar will be eligible to apply for this type of permit, but hotels and restaurants that serve alcohol only with food will not.

Section 282 of the Act provides an automatic entitlement to make available two gaming machines (of categories C or D) for use in alcohol licensed premises. To take advantage of this entitlement the Premises Licence Holder, under the Licensing Act 2003, must give notice to us of their intention to make gaming machines available for use, and must pay the prescribed fee.

We may issue Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permits for any number of Category C or D machines in licensed premises. Where a Permit authorises the making available of a specified number of gaming machines in particular premises, this will effectively replace, and not be in addition to, any automatic entitlement to two machines as described above.

Permit holders are required to comply with the Gambling Commission gaming machine permits codes of practice. Compliance with these provisions is a condition of the Permit, and failure to do so could result in revocation of the Permit.

Further information can be found on the Gambling Commission website.

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