Electoral Register

You can add your name to the register of electors at any time throughout the year and you can only vote in elections if your name is on the Register of Electors at least 11 days before the date of the Poll. The Register of Electors is published annually on 1st December and monthly revisions are published on the 1st working day of the month from January to September each year. The Register published on the 1st September is used for all elections between 1st September and 30th November. 

The registration process from January to September can take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on when an application is made.  There are special rules about names being added to the voters list during an election period. Because of these you may not be able to vote at that election if you are added during this time.  More details can be found at the following sections of the Gov.uk website: 

Using the information from voting registration, registration officers keep two registers – the Electoral Register and the Open Register (sometimes referred to as the edited register).  The electoral register gives the names and addresses of all who are registered to vote in public elections.  The register is used for electoral purposes, as well as other limited purposes specified by law, such as:

  • Detecting crime (e.g. fraud)
  • Calling people for jury service
  • Checking credit applications*

* registered credit agencies may request copies of the full register on repayment under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 - please note that the elections office is able to confirm whether or not you are registered, supply you with written confirm if you are registered and confirm whether or not a copy of the register has been supplied to a specific Credit Agency.  The Electoral Services Office cannot however, contact or deal with a credit agency on behalf of a third party.

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