Council Spending

  • Budget Monitoring ReportsDetails of the expenditure/income against each Directorate's budget
  • Section 251 StatementsUnder Section 251 of the Schools Standards and Framework Act the County Council must submit statements of education spending in a prescribed format to the DFE for both budget and out-turn.
  • Statement of AccountsThe Statement of Accounts provides information about costs and income of the Council's services for the financial year and liabilities and assets at the year end.
  • Audit and Inspection LettersAudit and Inspection Letters look at whether the Council has adequate arrangements for accounts, financial aspects of corporate governance and performance management.
  • Adult Social Care PreceptRutland County Council has increased its Council Tax by 1% to fund adult social care services in our area.
  • Annual BudgetFind out more about the proposals in our latest Draft Budget, including Council Tax and spending priorities.
  • Council Spending InformationInformation showing payments to suppliers made by the council. From September 2012, the files show all transactions, prior to this date they related just to those over £500 in value
  • Procurement Card transactionsInformation on purchases made using the Council's procurement cards.
  • Treasury Management Strategy and Capital Investment StrategyTreasury Management Strategy details the Council's treasury management activities Capital Investment Strategy sets out the Council's capital objectives, priorities and plans