School transport

School transport (5 to 16 year olds)

You child is eligible for transport if they live in Rutland, are aged 5 to 16 years old and either:

  • go to their closest or catchment primary school, but live more than two miles from the school
  • go to their closest or catchment secondary school, but live more than three miles away from the school

How to apply

You can apply at any time, but to have transport in place at the start of the school year you need apply (and pay, if you're not entitled to free transport) by 30 June. If you apply after this date, we cannot guarantee you child's transport will be in place for the start of the school year.

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We'll let you know if your application has been successful within 10 working days - this can take longer in the busy summer months, though.

Download our Home to School Transport Guide

Download our Home to School Transport Policy

Free transport

In special circumstances, your child may be entitled to free transport. Examples of special circumstances include:

  • a child with a medical need
  • a family that needs to move home for reasons outside their control, who have a child in year 11 (a critical academic year)

You can find out more about special circumstances in our Home to School Transport Policy.

If your family's on a low income

If your child's entitled to free school meals or you receive a qualifying benefit, you may be able to get help with school transport. Contact our school transport team for more information - email transport@rutland.gov.uk or call 01572 722 577.

Unsafe walking routes

If you feel you child's walking route is unsafe, we can assess this using national guidelines.

To ask for an assessment, email: transport@rutland.gov.uk.

Fare-paying transport

If space is available, you may be able to pay for a place on school transport.

When we allocate spaces, we give priority to children who live in Rutland and siblings of entitled students.

Any spaces left are then allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Some things to be aware of before you apply:

  • we may not allocate places until after term starts - you'll need to find another way to get your child to school
  • students entitled to transport will always take priority, so fare-paying places can be withdrawn with one month's notice - you'll get a proportional refund if this happens
  • if you have a space one year, this doesn't guarantee it'll be available the next
  • the offer is open to people who live outside Rutland
  • the offer is not available on public bus service routes
  • you need to reapply each year

Costs for the 2024/25 academic year:

  • if your child lives in Rutland and attends their qualifying school (but does not meet mileage criteria): £182 – payment in full required
  • if your child lives in Rutland but does not attend their qualifying school: £360 - you can pay in full or by six installments of £60 
  • if your child does not live in Rutland: £676 - you can pay in full or by five instalments 

How to pay

If your Fare-paying application is accepted, we will email you with instructions on how to pay.

Fare-paying transport is dealt with at the end of the summer holiday or the beginning of the next academic year. This means transport may not be in place for the start of term.

We will with withdraw travel passes if payments are missed.

We will not issue travel passes until full or part payment is received, or your exemption is authorised.

Any outstanding transport debts must be cleared before we can consider a new application.

You'll be charged the full cost for part-term use. Instalment plans are accepted.


If the bus breaks down, your child must follow the driver's instructions.

Children should stay on the bus (if safe to do so) and not get off or leave the area until told to.

Bad weather

In bad weather, buses may be affected - school closures and traffic updates are reported on local websites and radio stations.

Allow the bus extra time to get to each stop, as there may be delays.

If you take your child to school, you will also need to pick them up at the end of the day.

If schools close early, we'll arrange for buses to pick students up earlier. Your child's school should let you know if they need to close early - make sure they have your correct contact details.

School transport - accordion - FAQs

Frequently asked questions

My child is going somewhere else after school - can they go on a different bus?

No - school transport is organised between home and school only.

My partner and I have split up - can my child get a bus from both houses?

Yes - email transport@rutland.gov.uk to arrange this.

We've moved house - can my child still get the school bus?

We'll need to re-assess whether you're still entitled to transport - email transport@rutland.gov.uk.

My child has to stay late at school - will transport be provided?

You'll need to arrange alternative transport - school transport only operates at the start and end of the school day.

We live close to my child's school, but there's no footpaths. Can they get on a bus?

We'd need to carry out a safe walking route assessment.

If the assessment finds that the route's unsafe, your child will be able to have a travel pass - email transport@rutland.gov.uk for more information.

We're hosting an exchange student - can they travel on the bus?

If there's space available we can try to arrange this - email transport@rutland.gov.uk.

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