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Green bin guide and information

Your green bin should be only used for garden waste such as leaves, grass cuttings and hedge trimmings. All garden waste should be placed loose inside the green bin, not bagged or wrapped.

Go to our Green Waste Service page if you haven't signed up for the new green bin collection service.

The following items SHOULD be placed inside your green bin:            

  • Grass cuttings

  • Hedge clippings

  • Twigs and small branches    

  • Weeds with soil shaken off 

  • Flowers and plants

  • Leaves and bark

The following items SHOULD NOT be placed inside your green bin:     

  • Plastic of any description

  • Large quantities of soil

  • Bricks, rubble, garden stone, rocks, pebbles, etc.

  • Any household waste     

  • Animal waste and bedding

  • Any food waste - including windfall fruit

Garden stones and soil cannot be composted, and can damage the composting machinery. This material should be disposed of at your local CA site. In addition, the weight of soil and stones can cause damage to the bin, to lifting equipment and a risk to the operators. Any plants with roots should have the soil shaken off before being placed in the green bin.

Your green bin won't be emptied if it's been over-filled or is too heavy to move safely.

Your green bin will only be emptied if the lid is closed. We only collect green waste that is inside the bin and cannot collect ‘side waste’.

If your green bin is full, you can dispose of extra green waste to one of our two Civic Amenity Site, or tips.

Tip information

Collection information

Your bin must be outside your home by 7.00 am on your collection day. 

You must also make sure bins are brought back to their usual storage location by the end of the collection day so that you do not obstruct the highway.

What happens to green waste

Once collected this waste is sent for composting.

Request another green bin

We can provide additional green bins on request. There is no charge for the bin itself but you will need to subscribe to our Green Waste Collection Service.

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