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Black bin guide and Information

Your black bin should be only used to dispose of items that can’t be recycled in a grey bin, put in a green bin, or taken to a Civic Amenity Site (rubbish tip).

Items that can be placed in your black bin:

  • Kitchen and food waste
  • Polystyrene packaging
  • Disposable nappies
  • Pet waste and bedding
  • Ash (once cool)
  • Black plastic
  • Plant pots and trays
  • Bubble wrap

Hot ashes, soil, bricks, stone, sand, gravel and concrete are not accepted as they may damage the bin.

Please make sure you don’t overfill your bin or cram the rubbish in as this makes it difficult to empty properly.

Bins that are too heavy to move safely or contain building materials or garden waste will not be collected.

Green waste from your garden should only be placed in green bins. For further guidance, view our Green bin guide and information.  To have your green bin collected you must sign up for the Green Waste Collection Service.


Your bin must be at your property boundary by 7.00am on your collection day. 

You must make sure your bins are brought back to their usual storage location by the end of the collection day, as it may obstruct the highway and look untidy. 

What happens to non-recyclable waste

Non-recyclable is transported to the Eastcroft Waste to Energy Facility in Nottingham.

Request a second black bin

You can request a second black bin by using our request a waste service online form.

Large families can request an extra 240litre wheeled bin for that household’s normal refuse and/or for dry recyclables. 

A large family is defined as five or more permanent residents in a household. 

Proof of household size will be required before additional black bins are made available; no such proof is required for extra grey bins.

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Was this information helpful?
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