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Christmas, bank holiday and severe weather collection information

We will collect your waste as normal on all bank holidays, apart from those at Christmas and New Year. 

This page will list the dates for collections during the festive period.

Disruption due to severe bad weather

We may not be able to collect your bin if the weather is bad (heavy snow, for example) - when this happens, leave you bin out for collection and we will return to empty it when we can.

If your bin hasn't been emptied within 24 hours of your normal collection day, we'll also take a reasonable amount of extra waste or recycling when the weather allows us to safely collect bins again - leave this in recycling in a bag by the side of your bin.

We won't be able to empty your bin if the lid is not fully closed.  

Where there are delays due to bad weather we sometimes need to cancel green bin collections to catch up.