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The Emma Molesworth Trust

We administer the Emma Molesworth Trust Fund, a fund which offers support to Rutland residents who take agricultural related courses.

Grants may be awarded for:

  • course materials and equipment 
  • travel to college or university
  • accommodation
  • course fees
  • special projects in relation to such a course, e.g. field trips, work placements

Funding duration is one year.

Am I eligible?

You're eligible to apply if you:    

  • normally live in Rutland
  • are enrolled or planning to enrol on a course to study an agricultural subject
  • are a student studying at university or a further education college in the European Union
  • work in the agricultural industry and want to take a short course of further training
You have a reduced eligibility if you have an annual unearned private income (excluding parental contributions) exceeding £5000 or capital (other than house and car) in excess of £8000.

What is the maximum grant available?

The maximum grant for short courses is 50% of the course fee application, up to a grant payment maximum of £500.

The maximum grant for long courses, which must be considered at the Advisory Committees (held twice per year), is discretionary and in response to the total overall cost of the course application. Typically a long course application might receive up to £1,500 per annum as a contribution to a larger long course fee. The use of the grant can be towards:

  • books, materials and equipment
  • travel to college, university
  • accommodation
  • course fees
  • special projects in relation to such a course. e.g. field trips, work placements

How to apply

Applications can be made at any time. The Advisory Committee meets twice a year.

To apply, download and complete either the long or short course form and return to:

Rutland County Council, Catmose House, Catmos Street, Oakham, Rutland LE15 6HP.

Long course application form

Short course application form

If you need more information, call us on: 01572 722577

Other funding you may be able to apply for:

Find grants available through the Leicestershire Funding Toolkit

The Farmers' Club Charitable Trust

#AgriLeadershipWeek takes place from 16 to 20 May 22 and has some exciting new initiatives to launch during the week:

  • one initiative is to have a Mentor-Me session where those engaging with the week can request a mentoring session from an experienced leader.  The plan is to match those interested in taking up the offer with an appropriate mentor where a 1 hour session could then be arranged.  This will be an excellent opportunity for those engaging with the week to have access to specific agricultural leadership professionals that can offer support and guidance
  • The week will also see the launch a Snapshot Studies bursary.  The Farmers Club Charitable Trust is celebrating 40 years of operating and are offering up to £40k of funding to support ‘Snapshot Studies’ based around a range of themes, the application and end study are all going to be video presentations with a short and snappy release, closing, decision and submission date.  This is a fantastic opportunity for a wide range of people in or wanting to join the industry to explore a theme that will hopefully then expand into further study and discussion


Visit the Farmers' Club Charitable Trust website for more info.

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