Schools Forum

Schools’ Forums are governed by the Schools’ Forum (England) Regulations 2012

The Schools’ Forum is both a consultative and decision-making body whose purpose is to advise the local authority in line with the Schools’ Forum (England) Regulations 2012. In the event that any item within this constitution contradicts these regulations, the regulations will take precedence.

The Schools’ Forum is to be consulted on the following local authority proposals:

  • amendments to the schools funding formula (for which voting is restricted by the exclusion of non-school members except for Private, Voluntary and Independent nursery representatives);
  • arrangements for the education of pupils with special educational needs;
  • arrangements for the education of children otherwise than at school;
  • arrangements for Early Years provision;
  • administrative arrangements for the allocation of central government grants paid to schools via the local authority;
  • when a contract is being proposed for supplies and services which is to be funded from the Schools Budget and is in excess of the EU procurement thresholds (consultation must take place at least one month prior to the issue of invitation to tender);
  • special places to be commissioned by the authority in different institutions, and the arrangements for paying top-up funding;
  • Alternative provision (AP) places to be commissioned by the authority and by schools and the arrangements for paying top-up funding.

From 2014/15, the Schools’ Forum must be consulted on any proposals to:

  • vary the Minimum Funding Guarantee (MFG);
  • use exceptional factors;
  • vary pupil numbers;
  • allow additional categories of, or spending on, central budgets;
  • amend the sparsity factor;
  • vary the lump sum for amalgamating schools;
  • vary the protection for special schools and special academies. 
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