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Starting Secondary School in September 2020

The application process for transferring from primary school to secondary school in September 2020 is now underway and parents/carers have until the national closing date of 31 October 2019 to complete and submit an application for their child.  Please note that it does not matter how soon you submit your application as long as you submit it by the closing date.  All applications received by the closing date will treated equally.  However, if you submit your application after the closing date it will be processed as a late application and this could result in you not receiving an offer at your preferred school.

We have collected information from our pupil database in order to target children who are in their final year at primary school and a letter has been sent to parents/carers of Rutland resident children, advising them of the need to apply for a secondary school place for their child.  If you live in Rutland but have not received a letter from us, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check that we have your child's details and that they are correct.  The Admissions Service can be contacted by telephone on 01572 722577 or by email to admissions@rutland.gov.uk

Each local authority is responsible for co-ordinating the secondary school admissions process for children resident within their local authority area.  This means that parents must submit an application to the Council where they live, even if they want to apply for a place at a school in another local authority area.  For example, if you live in Rutland but would like to apply for a secondary school place in another county, you must submit your application to Rutland County Council.  If you live in another county but want to apply for a place at a Rutland secondary school you must submit your application to the Council where you live.

To assist parents we have produced a Secondary Admissions Brochure which explains the process of applying for a secondary school place and offers information about the secondary schools in Rutland, when they are holding open evenings and where you can find further information.  It is important that you read the information contained in the brochure before submitting your application to ensure that you are aware of your preferred schools' admission arrangements (policy), to check eligibility for school transport and to make sure that all necessary information is included in your application.

The national closing date for applications is   
31 October 2019

Online applications must be submitted by 23:59 on 31 October and paper applications must be received by 4.00pm on 31 October at the Admissions Office located in the Council offices at Catmose, in order to be treated as received on time.

The national offer day will be 2 March 2020.  The national offer day ensures that offers of places are sent out on the same day to all parents throughout the country.  It is important to note that if you submit your application online your offer will be sent by email on offer day and will be available to view on the admissions website.  If you submit a paper application your offer will be sent by first class post on offer day.  As a result, parents who submit their application online are likely to receive their offer before those that submit a paper application.

Rutland residents can apply for a secondary school place online by clicking the 'Apply Online' link below.  If you would prefer to submit your application on paper, you can download and print out a copy of the Secondary School Application Form 2020.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to receive a copy of the application form in the post, please contact the Admissions Service on 01572 722577 or email admissions@rutland.gov.uk to ask for a copy to be posted out to you.

Parents who are planning to send their child to a private/independent school should not use the local authority application form but should, instead, contact the preferred school direct.  If you do intend to apply for a place at a private/independent school please let us know so that we can update your child's details accordingly.

Before submitting your application it is important to note that the application form will allow you to submit up to 3 preferences of secondary school.  We strongly encourage you to use all 3 preferences so that your child has the best opportunity of receiving an offer at a preferred school.  Submitting a second and third preference will in no way affect your chances of receiving an offer at your first preference school.  The video below explains how your preferences will be processed.


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Was this information helpful?