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Starting Secondary School in September 2020

Offers of secondary school places for September 2020 were sent out on the  national offer day, 2 March 2020.  The 14-day deadline for submitting a response to a school offer was 16 March 2020.  If you have not yet responded to your offer, you must do so as soon as possible and by the 21-day deadline of 24 March 2020.  Failure to submit your response by this deadline may result in your offer being withdrawn.

The admissions portal is now closed for responses.  To submit your response you can use one of the following methods:

- you can send an email to admissions@rutland.gov.uk  For the purpose of safeguarding your child's personal information we do not recommend that you put your child's name into the email.  Instead, please use your child's initials, date of birth and the name of the school offered, and indicate if you wish to accept or decline the offer made.

- you can return the response slip that will be enclosed alongside the reminder letter that will be sent out to you.

A late application may still be submitted for a secondary school place for September but it is important to bear in mind that schools may already be full.  If you are a Rutland resident you can download and print out a copy of the Secondary School Application Form or if you would prefer to have a copy posted out to you, please contact the Admissions Service on 01572 722577 or email admissions@rutland.gov.uk  You cannot submit a late application online.  If you live in another local authority area but want to apply for a place at a Rutland secondary school, please contact your own Council for information on how to do this.  Each local authority within England is responsible for coordinating the secondary school admissions process for children resident within their local authority area.  this means that parents must submit an application to the Council where they live even if they wish to apply for a place at a school in another local authority area.

Full details of the application process can be found in our Secondary Admissions Brochure which explains the process of applying for a secondary school place  and where you can find further information.  In addition, you can find information about school admissions on the Department for Education website.

If you have any queries about the secondary admissions process please contact the Admissions Service by calling 01572 722577 or emailing admissions@rutland.gov.uk

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Was this information helpful?