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In-Year Admissions to Schools in Rutland

On this page you will find information about how to apply for an in-year admission and details of the schools in Rutland

In-Year admissions 

‘In-Year’ admission refers to a child who is not starting primary school or secondary school for the first time in September (into reception year or Year 7) but who is transferring from one primary or secondary school to another.  How you submit an application for an in-year school place depends on the school you wish to apply for and what type of school it is.  More information about school admissions is available from the Department for Education.

We are the admission authority for voluntary controlled primary schools in the county and in-year applications for these schools must be submitted to Rutland County Council.  Currently, there is only one voluntary controlled primary school in Rutland which is Oakham C of E Primary School.  The remaining schools, voluntary aided and academy schools, are their own admission authority and applications for these schools must be submitted directly to the school.  When you contact schools to enquire about the availability of places, they must offer you the option of completing and submitting an application form so that you can then receive a written response to your application.  If your child cannot be offered a place at the school the written response must explain the reason why your child cannot be offered a place, it must offer you the right to appeal this decision and offer you the opportunity to put your child's name onto the waiting list for the school.  Please note that a written decline will be required by the Transport Department if you cannot get a place for your child at your nearest school and you want to apply for free transport to the next nearest school that can offer your child a place.

Rutland residents who wish to apply for a place at a school within another Council area should contact the preferred school direct to find out how an application should be submitted. 

To help parents we produce an 'In-Year Admissions' brochure which explains the process of applying for an in-year school place, advises if home to school transport will be available and offers information about the primary schools and secondary schools in Rutland.  A copy of the In-Year Admissions brochure is available to download.  

If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the In-Year Admissions brochure or In-Year Application Form in the post, please contact the Admissions Service on 01572 722577 or email admissions@rutland.gov.uk to ask for a copy to be posted out to you. 

Applying for an in-year place

All the school details and application forms can be found below.

If you have any queries please contact our Admissions Service on 01572 722577 or the school direct. 

Schools in Rutland 

School Name (School Type)


Application Forms (submit form to)






Brooke Hill Academy (Academy)

Brooke Road, Oakham LE15 6HQ Tel: 01572 724214 www.brookehillprimary.co.uk

Brooke Hill - IY application form (Brooke Hill Academy)


Casterton College (Academy)

Ryhall Road, Great Casterton PE9 4AT Tel: 01780 762168


CCR - IY application form (Casterton College)


Catmose College (Academy)

Huntsmans Drive, Oakham LE15 6RP Tel: 01572 770066 www.catmosecollege.com

Catmose College - IY application form (Catmose College)


Catmose Primary School (Academy)

Sandringham Close, Oakham LE15 6SH Tel: 01572 723187 www.catmoseprimary.com

Catmose Primary School - IY application form (Catmose Primary)


Cottesmore Academy (Academy)

Kendrew Barracks, Cottesmore LE15 7BL Tel: 01572 812278 www.cottesmoreacademy.co.uk

Cottesmore Academy - IY application form (Cottesmore Academy)


Edith Weston Academy (Academy)

Weston Road, Edith Weston LE15 8HQ Tel: 01780 720025 www.edithwestonprimary.co.uk

Edith Weston - IY application form (Edith Weston Academy)


Empingham CE Primary School (Academy)

School Lane, Empingham LE15 8PQ Tel: 01780 460246 www.empinghamprimaryschool.co.uk

Empingham CE - IY application form (Empingham CE)


English Martyrs Catholic Academy (Academy)

Willow Crescent, Oakham LE15 6EH Tel: 01572 722400 www.englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

English Martyrs - IY application form (English Martyrs)


Exton & Greetham CE Primary School (Academy)

Garden Road, Exton LE15 8AY Tel: 01572 812380 


Exton & Greetham CE- IY application form (Exton & Greetham CE)


Great Casterton CE Primary School (Academy)

Pickworth Road, Great Casterton PE9 4AU Tel: 01780 762417 www.greatcastertonprimaryschool.co.uk

Great Casterton CE IY application form (Great Casterton CE)


Ketton CE Primary School (Academy)

High Street, Ketton PE9 3TE Tel: 01780 720301 


Ketton CE - IY application form (Ketton CE)


Langham CE Primary School (Academy)

Burley Road, Langham LE15 7HY Tel: 01572 722676 www.langhamprimary.co.uk

Langham CE - IY application form (Langham CE)


Leighfield Primary School (Academy)

Newtown Road, Uppingham LE15 9TS Tel: 01572 823489 www.leighfieldschool.co.uk

Leighfield Primary School - IY application (Leighfield Academy)


Oakham CE Primary School (Voluntary Controlled)

Burley Road, Oakham LE15 6GY Tel: 01572 722404 


Oakham CE - IY application form (Rutland County Council)


Ryhall CE Academy(Academy)

Church Street, Ryhall PE9 4HR Tel: 01780 762447 


Ryhall CE - IY application form (Ryhall CE)


St Mary & St John CE Primary School (Voluntary Aided)

Church Street, North Luffenham LE15 8JR Tel: 01780 720184 www.northluffenham.org

St Mary & St John CE PS - IY application form (St Mary & St John CE)


St Nicholas CE Primary School (Academy)

Mill Lane, Cottesmore LE15 7DL Tel: 01572 812337 www.stnicholasprimary.co.uk

St Nicholas CE PS - IY application form (St Nicholas CE)


Uppingham CE Primary School (Academy)

Belgrave Road, Uppingham LE15 9RT Tel: 01572 823245 www.uppinghamprimary.co.uk

Uppingham CE - IY application form (Uppingham CE)


Uppingham Community College (Academy)

London Road, Uppingham LE15 9TJ Tel: 01572 823631 www.uppinghamcollege.org.uk

UCC - IY application form (Uppingham Community College


Whissendine CE Primary (Academy)

Main Street, Whissendine LE15 7ET Tel: 01664 474695 www.whissendineschool.com

Whissendine CE - IY application form (Whissendine CE)