Admission Appeals

When an application for a school place is refused, the applicant is entitled to submit an appeal against the refusal of the place.  The applicant will be provided with a written response to their application from the admission authority of the school they have applied to.  The written response will include the reasons why the application has been refused and how the applicant can submit an appeal.  The School Admission Appeals Code provides information about how appeals are organized and a copy of the Code can be found on the Department for Education website. 

Admission authorities must publish their appeals timetable on their website by 28 February each year.  Rutland County Council is the admission authority for just one Rutland primary school:      

  • Oakham C of E Primary School           

The following timetable will apply to appeals for first-time admission to Oakham C of E Primary School (into reception year group) for September 2020:

National Offer Day:

16 April 2020

Second offer round to include late applications:

15 May 2020

Appeal to be lodged by (20 school days from offer day):

3 June 2020

Late applications – appeal to be lodged by (20 school days from second offer round):

19 June 2020

Appeal to be heard by (40 school days from deadline to lodge appeal):

17 July 2020

Late applications – appeal to be heard by (40 school days from deadline to lodge late appeal):

25 September 2020

Details of the admission authority for other Rutland schools and a link to their website can be found on our In-Year Admissions page.