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A-Levels: what to do next

This page has information to help students in Rutland who got their A-Level results on 13 August 2020.

This year's not been like any other, and we know how unsettling the last few months have been for many of you.

Even though grades have been awarded differently this year, they'll look exactly the same as any other year your results slips and certificates.

Government has published a Student Guide to Post-16 Qualifications Results 2020 document, which explains:

  • how the grading for A-levels works
  • how results have been awarded this year
  • where to find more information

Hopefully, your results are what you were expecting, and will allow you to carry on with your plans for your future.  

If you're unhappy with your results

Speak to your school or college, so that they can talk you through next steps.  

It’s important to know on what basis you can and can’t appeal:

  • a school can appeal if it can show that this year's results don't reflect any improvements it made recently
  • you can only appeal your grades on the grounds of bias or technical error, but your school or college must submit the appeal on your behalf

Find out more about appeals

Although you cannot appeal against your grade if you think you could've done better by sitting your exams, you do have the option to actually sit them this autumn or next summer. 

If you want to sit your exams:

  • ask to your school or college to enter you
  • you'll need to take all the exam papers in your chosen subjects
  • your results will be based on your exam performance alone - there will be no non-exam assessment, and any results from previous non-exam assessments will not count
  • if you achieve a different grade in the exams, you will be able to use whichever is higher when you apply for university or job

Information and support services

The National Careers Service exam results helpline are offering help to students and parents  - their experienced careers advisers can talk you through:

  • your options
  • clearing
  • university
  • gap years
  • the autumn 2020 exam series

The helpline is available from 12 to 28 August.

Tel: 0800 100 900 

Open: Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm

The National Careers Service website also has information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions about learning, training and work.

The Ofqual student support line can help you:

  • find out more about how you were graded
  • with the autumn 2020 exam series
  • find out how to make an appeal
  • raise a concern about bias or discrimination

Tel: 0300 303 3344

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Was this information helpful?
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