Call for Sites 2022

The new Local Plan is required to allocate sites to meet the housing, employment and other development needs of Rutland. To better understand the availability of sites for allocation, the Council is undertaking a call for sites. 

This is open to site promoters, town and parish councils, residents and other interested parties to submit sites to the Council for consideration. 

View an interactive map of Rutland which displays the biodiversity, historical and physical constraints of land

We will consider these sites when developing the Local Plan and a site assessment methodology will be developed as part of the plan making process. Information received will be used to inform the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), the Employment Land Availability Assessment and the Brownfield Land Register.

Uppingham Town Council are proposing to make allocations for housing and employment in the Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan Review and so we will forward any relevant site submissions in and around Uppingham to the Town Council for their consideration.

No decision will be taken at this stage on which sites to include in the Local Plan. 

Submit your Site

Online Site Submission Form

The easiest way to submit you site is via the online form. If you are unable to use this form, please email to request a word version.

Past site submissions made to Rutland County Council will need to be resubmitted through the current Call for Sites process.  This is to ensure that Planning Officers have the latest site information to draw from during site assessments.

The submission of a site through the Call for Sites process only places the site before the Council for consideration as a potential site for future development. The inclusion of any site within this process does not indicate that it will be allocated or successfully obtain planning permission for development.

Evidence and background documents 

Find evidence and background studies that informed the withdrawn Local Plan Review 2018-2036

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