Local Development Scheme

We are required to publish a Local Development Scheme (LDS) setting out details of the documents that make up the Local Plan and the timetable for preparing or reviewing the local plan.

The latest scheme was approved by Cabinet on Tuesday 16 June 2020 and includes the following programme for preparation on the local plan. This timetable replaces the timetable which had been approved by Cabinet in December 2019. 

The new LDS can be accessed here. 


Next Steps

January 2020

Full council to consider draft Regulation 19 local plan

February 2020:

Publication of Regulation 19 local plan - statutory 6 week period consultation

December 2020

Submission of the local plan to Government (Regulation 22)

April/May 2021

Local plan examination


Inspector’s report and adoption of the local plan (full council decision), depending on the need for any main modifications

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Was this information helpful?
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