Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood plans in Rutland are prepared by parish and town councils and provide an opportunity for local communities to shape the development and growth of their local area.

Maps showing the neighbourhood plan areas that have been designated and the progress in preparing each neighbourhood plan may be viewed below:

Local residents are being given the opportunity to comment on Barrowden & Wakerley Parish Council’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan after the proposals were submitted to Rutland County Council for independent examination.

The Neighbourhood Plan sets out the Parish Council’s views of how Barrowden & Wakerley should be developed over the next 20 years and has been prepared following consultation with the local community.  It includes policies covering protecting and enhancing the environment, meeting local housing needs, promoting the rural economy and improving access to services and facilities.

The Draft Plan is being published for six-weeks, with residents encouraged to share their views before Monday 18th February 2019.  Comments to Rutland County Council should be submitted by email  or sent in writing to Mr R Ranson, Planning Policy Manager, Rutland County Council, Council Offices, Catmose, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6HP .During this period all responses will be passed to an independent examiner to carry out the examination of the neighbourhood Plan. 

Representations may wish to address in particular, whether the Draft Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and other matters that the independent examiner will be considering.

 A copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Public Notice can be viewed below:

The Plan and associated documents can also be found on Barrowden & Wakerley Neighbourhood Plan Group’s website and in Barrowden, at the Exeter Arms, the Surgery and the Community Shop as  well as at the County Council’s Offices in Oakham and on the mobile library.

Following this consultation, an independent examiner will consider any comments made and decide whether the proposed Neighbourhood Plan meets basic legal conditions. If these can be met, the Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to a village referendum.  More than 50% support will be required at the referendum in order to bring the Neighbourhood Plan into force.

Further information can be obtained by emailing: or calling 01572 722577

An application has been made to Rutland County Council under Regulation 5 of the Town and Country Planning Regulations General Regulations 2012 (as amended in 2015) for designation of a Ketton and Tinwell Neighbourhood Area. 

The application relates to the whole area of Ketton and Tinwell Parishes. It includes:


Designation of the Neighbourhood Area by the Council would allow a neighbourhood plan for this area to be prepared.

 Any representations on the application for designation of a Ketton and Tinwell Neighbourhood Area must be sent to Rutland County Council within the 6-week period ending on Monday 30th July 2018. Representations should be sent to:

 The Planning Policy Manager

Rutland County Council




LE15 6HP


 A copy of the application may be viewed and downloaded below.

Residents in Wing have decided to draw up a plan to shape and influence where development will go and what it will look like in the Parish. Following consultation on the proposed neighbourhood area (see below) Rutland County Council has designated the neighbourhood area as follows:

  • Name of neighbourhood area: Wing
  • Map identifying the area 
  • Name of relevant body applying for the designation: Wing Parish Council

 A copy of the designation notice may be viewed below:

A Wing Neighbourhood Plan is now being prepared by Wing Parish Council with support from Rutland County Council. It will be Rutland’s ninth neighbourhood plan in the county, when completed it will set out the views of the local community on matters such as:

  • Planning policies for the development and use of land and; 
  • Guidance on the appearance and design of any new buildings constructed. 

There are currently four Neighbourhood Plans in Rutland for Cottesmore, Edith Weston, Langham and Uppingham. 

To find the documents for the specific Neighbourhood Plans, please use the village/town name in the keywords search box.

There are currently four Neighbourhood Plans being prepared in Rutland for Barrowden and Wakerley, Greetham, Market Overton and Oakham. 

To find the documents for the specific Neighbourhood Plans, please use the village/town name in the keywords search box.

Government planning guidance can be found in the National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Practice Guidance.

Support for neighbourhood plans from Rutland County Council

The Council has prepared a Service Level Agreement that sets out the technical advice that it can provide and guidance on the role of the Council and local groups in preparing neighbourhood plans.

Town or parish councils preparing neighbourhood plans will be asked to sign up to this agreement at the beginning of the process of preparing a neighbourhood plan. 

Funding and Grants

The Council is not able to provide financial support for neighbourhood planning but funding is available from other sources.
Further details of the government's support programme for neighbourhood planning, including the grant application process are available on the My Community Rights website.

Details of other professional advice and support for neighbourhood planning is available on the Leicestershire and Rutland Rural Community Council.