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The site comprises the area occupied by the former Woolfox Lodge airfield (in the southern part of site), which is now primarily used as arable farmland, with areas of woodland and further arable land to the north.  The site lies to the east of and adjacent to the A1, 14.5km east of Oakham and 11 km north of Stamford.

The airfield closed in the mid 1960’s.  Parts of the former runways have been removed and are now under agriculture use but there are still some visible paved remains of runways/perimeter tracks together with some former airfield buildings, although these are in a declining/derelict condition.

The site is split into two parcels: a smaller parcel to the east of the main site area is separated by a disused quarry.  On the western edge of the site adjacent the A1 there is a small employment area (Woolfox Depot), which is excluded from the site boundary.

The northern site boundary runs along Clipsham Road with the villages of Stretton and Clipsham lying at the North West and north east corners of the site respectively.

The surrounding land uses are predominately agricultural although a golf course/driving range lies to the south of the site and an operational quarry Clipsham quarry to the east and adjacent the northern boundary of the smaller parcel.

The site is 486 Hectares gross in size and the proposal is for 7,500 homes, 19ha employment land (B1, B2 and B8 uses including science/innovation Park), district and local centres, three new primary schools and a secondary school, later living/extra care.

The site promoters have indicated the site could be expanded to deliver a further 3,000 dwellings beyond the plan period.

Access to the site is indicated to be delivered via a new grade separated junction onto the northbound carriageway of the A1. 

The Transport Position Note submitted by the site promoters also refers to the development of 24 hour trunk road services on the A1, including provision for HGV lorry parking.

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More information can be found on the woolfoxgardenvillage.co.uk website. 

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