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Potential Large Scale Development Sites

The Additional consultation in August 2018 considered the implications on the Local Plan Review arising from the potential for the redevelopment of the St George’s barracks site as a new Garden Village.

As part of the consultation an additional or alternative Garden Village proposal was submitted by the land owners of the former Woolfox Airfield and surrounding agricultural land to the East of the A1.

More information about both of the sites is available by selecting the hyperlinks on the left of this page. This includes access to the evidence which has been submitted to support each proposal.

The Council is currently considering the evidence provided to support both of these site submissions as part of the Local Plan Review and the current (March 2019) evidence base is set out below:

The next full version of the Local Plan is expected to be the Council’s “final” submission version of the Local Plan which will be published for the formal consultation period (known as the Regulation 19 consultation) prior to being submitted to the Secretary of State and Planning Inspectorate for Examination.

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Was this information helpful?