Local Plan technical evidence

This page lists the technical evidence we'll submit with Rutland's Local Plan as part of the public examination process, and explains the content of each document.

Sustainability AppraisalLooks at how the policies in the plan affect Rutland in social, environmental and economic terms.  This appraisal will help us to make decisions that support sustainable development.

Habitat Regulations Assessment Looks at how the plan may impact on local conservation areas, for example Rutland Water.

Duty to Co-operate Statement Explains how we work with other councils and statutory services on issues that affect us all.

Regulation 22 Statement of Community Consultation Information about the public consultations we’ve held on the Local Plan. Also looks at how consultation responses informed changes to the plan.

Equality Impact AssessmentLooks at the impact the plan's policies and proposals could have on equality matters.

Supporting documents – Other documents that are relevant to the preparation of the plan.

Regulation 19 Local Plan Addendum - A log of minor changes and factual corrections made since the plan's approval on 10 February. These changes are included in the published pre-submission Local Plan.  This is not strictly technical evidence and will not be submitted for the public examination process. 

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