Local Plan Review

We are reviewing the Local Plan in order to extend the plan period to 2036 and to provide for any additional new housing, employment or other development that may be needed over the extended plan period.

Additional Consultation

Additional consultation forming part of Rutland’s ongoing Local Plan Review took place between 13 August and 24 September 2018.

The consultation invited comments on two separate documents:

  1. Focused Changes to the Local Plan after including St George’s Barracks in the Plan
  2. Additional Sites put forward for possible development since the Consultation Draft Local Plan 2017

The Council is currently reviewing all of responses received as part of this consultation and would like to thank everybody for their feedback.

This feedback is expected to be published together with the Regulation 19 plan in summer 2019.

For further information please email: localplan@rutland.gov.uk or telephone: 01572 722577.

Consultation Draft Plan

We are considering all comments received before preparing the next Submission Draft version of Rutland's Local Plan for public consultation.

We expect to publish this for further consultation in summer 2019, prior to it being submitted to the government for independent examination.

Details of the evidence base supporting the preparation of the Local Plan Review can be viewed on our Local Plan Evidence Base page.

For more information please email localplan@rutland.gov.uk 

or telephone 01572 722577.     

Issues and Options

We published an Issues and Options consultation document in 2015 as the first stage in reviewing our Local Plan. 

This asked for views on 20 key questions to be considered in the plan and the possible options for dealing with these issues. 

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Was this information helpful?