Local Plan Examination

Submission of the Rutland Local Plan – Regulation 22

The Rutland Local Plan was formally submitted to the Secretary of State on 3 February 2021 for independent examination. The details of this are found in the Notice of Submission (CD12).

All representations received through the Regulation 19 consultation have been submitted to the Inspector. The submitted documents and accompanying evidence can be viewed in our Examination Library

The Planning Inspectorate have appointed Joanna Gilbert MA (Hons) MTP MRTPI as Planning Inspector to hold an independent examination of the Rutland Local Plan (2018-2036).

 The role of the appointed Inspector is to carry out an independent assessment of the overall soundness of the Local Plan and that it satisfies the statutory requirements for its preparation. The Inspector’s role is not to improve the plan but to make recommendations to ensure it is sound. In order to do so, the Inspectors will assess the Local Plan, the evidence base on which it was created, and all of the representations submitted during the Regulation 19 public consultation.

Programme officer

We have appointed Kerry Trueman as programme officer for the Examination.

The programme officer will manage the administration of the examination on behalf of the appointed Inspector, and act as the liaison between the Inspector and the Council.

Contact details:

Kerry Trueman

Programme Officer Solutions Limited

Email: KTrueman@Rutland.gov.uk

Telephone: 07582 310364

Address: PO Box 229, Prenton, CH26 9EY


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