Conservation Area Appraisals

We have published Conservation Area Appraisals for a number of villages in Rutland.

These appraisals show why the Conservation Areas have been designated and how their special character will be preserved and enhanced. They will be taken into account by us when we consider planning applications include information on:

  • Boundaries
  • Open spaces and trees
  • Buildings of local importance
  • Highways

Conservation Area

Ketton Conservation Area

On 17 March 2020 Rutland County Council formally adopted the Ketton Conservation Area Appraisal (2020 Review). You can view the documents below.

As part of our statutory duties, we have undertook a review of Ketton Conservation Area, and produced a ‘Conservation Area Appraisal’ which defines the special interest of the conservation area and puts forward proposals for enhancement, in line with our statutory duties within Section 69 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas)  Act 1990. 

The Ketton Conservation Area Appraisal (2020 Review) includes the following documents: 

The implications of the current Coronavirus pandemic on working arrangements means that is it not currently possible to print copies of these documents. Once the Council returns to normal working arrangements we will be able to make printed copies of the documents available on request. 

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