Infrastructure & Viability

Local Plan Viability

The  viability update forms part of the evidence base to support the preparation of the Local Plan. It provides evidence on viability and how development will help to provide the infrastructure required.

Local Plan Viability Update Report (Feb 2020) 

Local Plan Viability Update Report (Dec 2019)

Local Plan Review Viability Update (2017)

Infrastructure Delivery Plan 

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) establishes what additional infrastructure and service needs are required to support the level of development proposed in the Rutland Local Plan. The IDP will help ensure that the identified additional infrastructure and service needs are delivered in a timely, co-ordinated and sustainable way.

Rutland County Council has prepared an update of the IDP to reflect the growth strategy and development proposals included in the Pre-submission Rutland Local Plan. This update report draws together the latest evidence and information available to the council with regard to identifying the key site specific infrastructure requirements for the site allocations included in the Pre-submission Local Plan. These are also reflected in the updated schedule of infrastructure requirements. 

Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update (Feb 2020)

IDP (Feb 2020) Appendices 2 & 3

A draft IDP was jointly commissioned by South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) and Rutland County Council in October 2018. The IDP was prepared by AECOM for both areas and was published by SKDC alongside their Local Plan when it was submitted for Examination in January 2019. This joint infrastructure plan has been superseded by the IDP update referred to above. It can be accessed from the SKDC website here.

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