Authority Monitoring Report

We are required to publish an Authority Monitoring Report (formerly the Annual Monitoring Report) showing progress in preparing the Local Plan and how effectively its policies are being implemented.

The latest report was published in November 2017 and includes:

  • The local plan and linkages to the Rutland sustainable communities strategy
  • Progress on the local plan
  • Housing trajectory and give year land supply monitoring indicators
  • Local plan issues arising from the sustainable communities strategy
  • Five year supply projected completions: 2017-2022    
  • Core strategy monitoring indicators
  • Site allocations and policies monitoring indicators
  • Minerals core strategy and DC policies monitoring indicators

Printed copies of the document may be purchased from us for £11 each plus postage if required please contact us for further details.

The Authority Monitoring Report for 2018 will be published in due course, in the meantime the Council has completed the monitoring of housing land supply for the period April 2017-March 2018. The attached Housing Land Supply Paper 2017-2018 sets out the monitoring information and demonstrates that the Council has more than five years supply of deliverable housing land. The contents of the paper will be incorporated into the AMR for 2018 when it is published.

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Was this information helpful?