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Ketton and Tinwell Neighbourhood Area Designation

Residents in Ketton and Tinwell have decided to draw up a plan to shape and influence where development will go and what it will look like in the Parishes. Following consultation on the proposed neighbourhood area (see below) Rutland County Council has designated the neighbourhood area as follows:

  • Name of neighbourhood area: Ketton & Tinwell
  • Map identifying the area
  • Name of relevant body applying for the designation: Ketton Parish Council

  A copy of the designation notice may be viewed below:

A Neighbourhood Plan for Ketton and Tinwell is now being prepared by Ketton Parish Council and Tinwell Parish with support from Rutland County Council. It will be Rutland’s tenth neighbourhood plan in the county, when completed it will set out the views of the local community on matters such as:

  •  Planning policies for the development and use of land and;  
  • Guidance on the appearance and design of any new buildings constructed.
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Was this information helpful?