Barrowden & Wakerley Neighbourhood Plan - Examination

March 2019

Rutland County Council has appointed Mr Andrew Ashcroft MRTPI as independent Examiner of the Barrowden & Wakerley Neighbourhood Plan. The Examiner will assess whether the Barrowden & Wakerley Neighbourhood Plan meets certain legal requirements, known as 'basic conditions' and will consider the representations made on the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Examiner has issued the following note which sets out the arrangement for the Examination and provides guidance on the key stages through which the examination will progress:

The following note sets out the Examiner’s initial comments on the submitted Neighbourhood Plan.  It also sets out areas where it would be helpful to have some further clarification.

Further to meeting’s held with the Barrowden & Wakerley Neighbourhood Plan Group and Rutland County Council to discuss the representation’s made by Rutland County Council following the regulation 16 consultation, a joint note  for the Examiner has been prepared with regard to RCC’s comments.

The representations received during the Submission consultation (Regulation 16) are set out below together with Rutland County Council’s response to this.

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Was this information helpful?