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Oakham & Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan


The referendum for the neighbourhood development plan for the Parishes of Oakham and Barleythorpe will take place on Thursday 26th May 2022. 

 View the Referendum version of the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan

Further details of the Referendum can be viewed in the Information Statement document below.

Oakham and Barleythorpe NDP Information Statement

Information about how to vote in the Referendum can be found on the Council’s Elections and Referendums webpage

Independent Examination- Examiners Report

The report of the Independent Examination of the Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan prepared by Independent Examiner has been received and recommends that the Neighbourhood Plan should, subject to the recommended modifications, proceed to referendum.

View the Oakham & Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan report of the Independent Examiner 

 The report also recommends that the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a Referendum based on the Neighbourhood Area as approved by the Council.

Under Regulation 18 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), Rutland County Council is required to publish a decision statement following the examination of a Neighbourhood Plan setting out the nature of the changes made to the plan.

View the Decision Statement 

Oakham & Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan Stages



 Neighbourhood Area Designated

April 2016

 Draft Plan Published

May 2019

 Final Plan Submitted

11 Nov 2020 

 Examiner's Report Approved

18 March 22 


26 May 2022 



Further details of the neighbourhood plan preparation are available on the Oakham & Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan website.


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