Personal Searches of the Local Land Charges Register

A personal search of the local land charges register is free of charge. 

Please complete the Personal Search request form and email to along with an up-to-date plan clearly identifying the search site. Please send each request individually and include the property address as the subject line for your email. Please note that we reserve the right to reject emails sent with multiple search requests attached and any request which does not include an adequate location plan.

Once your request has been received it will be processed in line with our current turnaround times for Official Searches ( approximately 5-7 working days) and the information will be returned to you by email.


Con29 Data available under Environmental Information Regulations 2009 (EIR)

Requests for Con29 Data available under EIR are free of charge.

The Con29 Data Requests under EIR table outlines the Con29 data that is publicly available on the Council’s website and where to access this data. Only the questions highlighted in yellow can be requested under EIR.

When submitting your request for a Personal Search of the Local Land charges Register please indicate on the Personal Search request form which data you require. This data will be emailed back to you separately on the same day that you receive your Personal Search of the Local Land Charges Register.

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Was this information helpful?