Listed Buildings

A listed building is one that is included on The National Heritage List for England.

Buildings that are listed

  • Generally all buildings before 1700
  • Most buildings between 1700 - 1840 if not badly altered
  • The best buildings of 1840 to the present day

All listed buildings are graded (1, 2* or 2).

  • Grade 1 are nationally important
  • Grade 2* are exceptional buildings
  • Grade 2 are of special interest

Historic England have guidance about listing to help you.

What does Listing mean?

All parts of the building are covered, including inside. It will also include any buildings existing in 1948 that were used with the main building at the time it was listed.  You may see this called the listed building curtilage.  This is important as if the building was listed some years ago it is often difficult to know today what other buildings may be covered by the listing.  We do not hold records of what other buildings may be covered by the listing.

The list description is only to identify the building.  It does not tell you what is important.

Setting of listed building

This is the area around a listed building and will often include other properties.  You have to make sure works to your building do not harm views of any listed building.


Repairs are normally better than replacing with new. As long as the repair is exactly like for like, consent is not required. 

Listed building consent

Consent is needed for any demolition work to a listed building, or for any alterations or extensions that affect its character. This covers works to the outside, inside or to other buildings within its curtilage.  As an example even painting of the building may need consent.

Listed building consent application

You need to tell us about any changes and the historic value of anything being removed.  You may need to seek expert advice to help with this.  The Historic Environment Record may be helpful to you.

If you would like an opinion from us about applying for listed building consent and the likely outcome of your proposals being acceptable, please send us an email to setting out what work you want to do to your listed building.  We will deal with this under our formal preliminary enquiry procedures.

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