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Apply for planning permission

 You can apply for planning permission online through the national Planning Portal website

You can also download printable application forms through the portal.

Online application

Planning application fees 

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Do I need planning permission?

To find out if you need planning permission, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development.

Working out if planning permission is needed can be a lengthy process and is not something that can be answered over the telephone in just a few minutes.

First, we need to understand exactly what work you want to do. We can then start to look at your specific land or property and any constraints there may be, and search our historic records to look at any planning history.  We'll then look at planning legislation and apply this to your scheme.


You want to build an extension that is three metres by three metres at the rear of your property. You search the planning portal website and look at the interactive house, but you're still unsure if you need planning permission or not - you may live in a conservation area or in a listed building, which means planning is more restrictive.

The only way to find out for sure is to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development.

What is a Certificate of Lawful Development?

This is a legally binding document that sets out if the work you're proposing would be 'Lawful' (you would not need to apply for planning permission) or 'Unlawful' (you would need to apply for planning permission).

The certificate may be needed as proof that the work didn't need permission at the sale of the property.

The process takes up to eight weeks from receipt of your application.

The fee is half the normal price of a planning application. For example, if you live in a residential dwelling and you want to do work within the boundary, you would need to pay half of the Household Application fee: 

View planning fees and charges

Find out which documents you need to submit with your application

Apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development

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Where can I get planning advice?

If you want to know whether your proposed development would be considered acceptable, we offer a preliminary enquiry service.  You will need to pay a fee to use this service:

Preliminary enquiry charges

Once your enquiry has been received you should expect to receive a response within 20 working days.     

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