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Apply for Planning Permission

Apply for Planning Permission

The planning portal is a national website for applying for planning permission in England. You can access the Planning Portal website to submit your application online or download and print a paper version. 

Online application

Planning Application Fees

Planning maps

Do I need planning permission?

Not all work requires planning permission

However the planning portal has a great deal of information covering a wide range of common household projects. The guidance covers both planning permission and building regulations.  Some projects require one or the other and some projects will require both. General information about whether you need planning permission can be found on the Planning Portal website 

We also offer a pre-application advice service. We welcome and encourage discussions with homeowners or developers before they submit a planning application. 

Just email your proposals to Planning@rutland.gov.uk, along with your preferred method of contact to start the process.

Preliminary Enquiry Fees and Timescales

A fee is charged to cover the administration costs for this service. This means that only the people that need advice pay for the service and not the council tax payer.
A list of charges    

Once your enquiry has been received you should expect to receive a response within 20 working days.     

Where an enquiry takes less than 15 minutes of an officers time a full refund will be made. Where a response takes more than 20 working days and the delay was not the result of obtaining further information from other organisations a 50% refund will be given. Please note that refunds can only be given where the original payment was made by a debit or credit card. 

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Was this information helpful?