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Dangerous structures and demolitions

Buildings may become gradually dangerous due to age, deterioration or settlement or by more dramatic causes such as storm, explosion, fire or impact by vehicles. All buildings which appear to be dangerous should be reported us.

We have powers under Sections 77 and 78 of the Building Act 1984. 

We offer a 24 hour service, 365 days of the year out of hour's service for reporting dangerous structures.

If the structure is considered dangerous and the owner cannot be contacted straight away, we will endeavor to make the situation safe or arrange for a professional to remove or repair the structure as soon as possible. Our costs are recoverable from the owner of the property.

If the structure is considered to be potentially dangerous, the owner of the property will be contacted and asked to arrange for the structure to be removed or repaired. The area surrounding the structure may be fenced off whilst the structure is being dealt with.

To report a dangerous structure please email buildingcontrol@rutland.gov.uk 

To report a dangerous structure out of hours please refer to our out of hours emergency contact details


Prior to demolishing a building, you must give us prior notice and we will inform the occupiers of any adjacent buildings and statutory undertakers.

A location plan of the building and adjoining streets should be provided together with a method of statement for the demolition.

You can notify us of your intention to demolish a building by downloading and completing this form 

For advice please email buildingcontrol@rutland.gov.uk

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