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Finding or staying in your home

  • Find a propertyWe provide a helpful housing advice service and maintain Rutland's housing register which anyone can apply to join.
  • Information for young peopleIf you are age 16/17, find out your rights if you are sleeping on the streets, staying somewhere with no legal rights, or staying somewhere unsafe.
  • Preventing homelessnessOur homelessness service provides advice and support to anyone who is homeless, as well as individuals and families who face the prospect of losing their home and becoming homeless as a result.
  • Help with moneyAre you worried about debt? Debt and money problems are a common concern for many people from all walks of life.
  • Disabled facilities grantsEnabling a person living within a disabling home environment to use their home more effectively through adaptations/equipment
  • Residential Caravan and Park SitesWe attach conditions to the licences of all caravan and park home sites
  • Affordable home ownership schemesThis page provides information for people who would like to know about affordable new home ownership schemes.
  • New Affordable HomesInformation on new affordable housing developments that are coming soon