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Rutland Young People's Awards 2022

Rutland Youth Council are once again holding the Rutland Young People's Awards to recognise the achievements of young people in Rutland.

Through this award and in partnership with Rutland County Council, schools, youth agencies and others working with young people, we aim to identify and acknowledge the achievements of young people in Rutland.

The award recognises and rewards young people who have demonstrated exceptional volunteering and/or leadership commitment and determination in five specific categories:

Benefiting the Community

For a young person that has worked to make a difference to their local community and raise awareness of the positive contribution a young person can make to society. This may be through volunteering, fundraising, setting up a much needed project, breaking down barriers and bringing diverse groups of people together.

Overcoming Adversity

We want to recognise the young people that have challenges to work through which could be from overcoming personal barriers to achieve success to making a stand against bullying, discrimination etc and work towards supporting or educating other young people too.

Young People’s Champion

Always considering the needs of other young people and placing their needs before their own.  Promoting others and working selflessly to help their peers overcome their own challenges. 

Disabled Young People’s Champion

For a young person with a disability or an additional need who has supported other young people to be heard and  have a voice, who is supporting of peers in challenging situations and puts other people’s needs before their own and has overcome barriers either socially, emotionally or physically.

Super Group Award

A group that have worked together to benefit the community and considered the needs of others above their own. 

Eligibility criteria for the award

The award is open to young people aged 11+ in secondary school living in Rutland  or attending a Rutland school.

Group nominations will be accepted but the prize voucher will have to be shared across the group.

The young person can be nominated by other young people, the school, parent/carer or any other agency.

The selection and award of prizes

The judges will shortlist a winner and a runner up for each category and they will be announced on the night. 

All nominees will be invited to attend an event on Wednesday 21 September.

Friends and family are welcome to attend. Category winners and runners up will be announced at the awards ceremony.


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