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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) looks at the physical and mental health needs of people living in Rutland and helps us to plan local health, well-being and social care services.

The JSNA also forms the basis of our Health and Well-being Strategy, which is a produced by the Health & Well-being Board.

Latest JSNA

The 2018 JSNA was approved by the Rutland Health & Wellbeing Board on 4th December 2018. The JSNA consists of an overview chapter on Rutland’s Population followed by a series of subject-specific documents covering the life-course.  Each chapter gives an assessment of current and future health and social care needs.

There are also a series of Infographic online data dashboards which will be updated on a quarterly basis. This approach will enable Rutland to maintain more up-to-date data sets to support clear, evidence-based decisions. The overall JSNA will include:

An overview document on Rutland’s Population, followed by chapters on:

Core information and data

The following data dashboards have been developed to cover seven different topic areas, including background and demography, giving children the best start in life, health and well-being of adults, issues specific to ageing, mental health, physical and sensory disability and learning disabilities. 

These sets of data are updated on a quarterly basis. 

Core Data-set 

Where there is no value on the Core data sets, it is due to
  • the value is not available
  • the data has been suppressed due to small numbers 
  • the value has been combined with Leicestershire data

Additional reports 

The JSNA data above is supported by more detailed information focusing on specific areas of need. These will be added below as they're completed: 


































































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