What 'exercising locally' during lockdown means

People have been asking what 'exercising locally' during the national lockdown means in a small county like Rutland.

This page clarifies what this means.

Exercise is one of a small number of reasons you're allowed to leave your home.

The time you spend outside should be kept to a minimum.

The national guidance says that you can exercise in a public outdoor space, either:

  • by yourself
  • with the people you live with
  • with your support bubble (if you are legally permitted to form one)
  • in a childcare bubble where providing childcare
  • with one person from another household, if you're on your own

Exercise includes, but is not limited to:

  • running
  • cycling
  • walking

The current rules allow you to leave home for exercise once each day, but say you should not travel outside your local area. 

In a small place like Rutland, it’s easy to think of the whole county as your 'local area’. 

We feel this goes against the spirit of the government’s guidance (as it was intended) and that travelling between different parts of the county for exercise risks spreading the virus.

To try and keep the infection rate down in Rutland, we urge you to start and finish your daily exercise in the town or village where you live, where possible.

Getting in your car and travelling to another area to exercise should really be reserved for people who have no outdoor open space where they live. 

Starting and finishing your daily exercise at your front door will help avoid crowds at popular parks and open spaces, and could make all the difference in helping us to bring the virus under control, locally.

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Was this information helpful?
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