School closures, education and childcare

 This page has information for educational settings, parents and carers.

We also have a support for residents page, where families of children and young people can find information, advice and support about health and wellbeing - including family friendly activities to do at home and protecting your family's mental health.

Information for parents and carers

The Department for Education (DfE) has published guidance and resources to support you:

Free school meals vouchers

If you are eligible for free school meals, you can get a weekly £15 voucher from your child's school to use for buying your child's food in supermarkets.

Read the full government guidance for more information about this scheme.

Information about EHC assessments, plans and annual reviews

Read an update on EHC assessments, plans and annual reviews on the Rutland Information Service Local Offer website.

Closure of educational settings: information for parents

Read the government guidance for schools, childcare providers and colleges.

Questions about childcare settings

You can email any questions about childcare settings in Rutland to our early years team at:

School opening for children of key workers

 Schools have been asked to provide care for children:

  • who are vulnerable 
  • with key worker parents, who cannot be looked after safely at home

Government guidance has defined which workers are classed as 'key workers'.

If your child(ren) can safely cared for at home, they should be - even if you are a key worker. This is so our schools can stay open for children who absolutely need to attend.

Your child's school will provide you with more information:

Cancelled exams

Read government guidance on the cancellation of exams.

Support for vulnerable children

Read government guidance about supporting vulnerable children.

Guidance for schools and other educational settings

Read government guidance for schools and other educational settings.

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Was this information helpful?