Advice for volunteer co-ordinators

  • Keep a record of who you have asked to go where and when that transaction is completed.
  • Delete personal information once it is no longer needed.
  • Follow the advice in our advice for volunteers section.
  • Stay at home and be available for on-the-ground volunteers as much as possible.

What do organisers need to know about data protection?

  • Personal information should be treated sensitively.
  • Volunteers must give consent for you to use and store their personal information.  You must provide clarity to volunteers about how that data will be used and stored.  
  • Particular care should be taken where data is stored in spreadsheets -delete personal information as soon as possible, and definitely if you no longer need that data. Ensure data is secure and routinely and securely backed up – for example on an encrypted data stick.
  • Only collect data from volunteers and the people you are helping that you absolutely need - for example their address, dietary preferences (rather than ethnicity or religion) or whether the volunteer drives or has a DBS check.
  • Have a policy for how you manage any data and share the responsibility for that between three or four people.

Using social media to co-ordinate support

  • Many networking apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and Zoom often make phone numbers visible. 
  • It is wise to make new members aware of this. You could use the following text: 'Please be mindful that this does share your number with the wider group and by joining, you opt in to that being OK.’
  • You should not take pictures of the people you are helping and you should never  post them on social media. 
  • If you are supporting children and young people, please make sure you are sticking to age restrictions for any digital platform that you are using. The NSPCC Net aware website gives information about age restrictions for 59 networks and apps.
  • The Rutland Community Wellbeing Service provide some opportunity for sharing and updating. 
  • If you would like the Council to share or update any information, email: 


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Was this information helpful?
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