Good neighbour schemes

 Page last updated: 22 April 2020

The good neighbour schemes listed below are offering help and support to people living in Rutland who are self-isolating or affected in other ways by coronavirus.

We will keep this page up to date as information comes through.

If you cannot find a good neighbour scheme listed for your area,  check with your parish council to see what support may be on offer.

Across Rutland

Leicestershire and Rutland 4x4 Drivers are able to help with prescription collections. 

T: 01164 785444 


F: Visit their Facebook page

Oakham Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club are a group of service personnel both serving and veterans from all three services, offering support with shopping, meal delivery and telephone contact-check in across Rutland communities.

T: 07548 902758


Rutland Cakeaway is offering to collect shopping for vulnerable individuals who are social distancing and parents who do not wish to take their children out. They will also deliver donations to the Rutland Food Bank on your behalf if you are self-isolating.

T: 01572 729322


F: Visit their Facebook page

Rutland Late Night Pharmacy is offering free prescription medicine delivery within 15 miles of Oakham. 

T: 01572 723368


F: Visit their Facebook page   


A letter with contact details has been delivered to every home in Ashwell.

Volunteers are offering help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, dog walking and chats on phone.

T: 01572 759204


Barleythorpe Coronavirus Community Support Scheme are offering help with food collection, delivery and shopping, prescription collection, friendly phone calls.

T: 07864 641988 (voice or text)

General help:

Medicine collection:




Health professionals living in Barrowden have linked up with the existing good neighbour Scheme to provide support for vulnerable and self-isolating members of the community with shopping, deliveries and phone calls with advice.

Leaflets will be distributed door to door with medical and other information. 

The village Community Shop is arranging home deliveries. 


Health Professionals - 07984 200449   

Good Neighbours - 07585 084527

Shop - 01572 748748  

Parish Council - 01572 748718


See Ryhall - this good neighbour scheme also covers Belmesthorpe.


Belton Community Support can help with picking up shopping, collecting medicines, posting mail, a friendly phone call.


Alex - 07929 989432

Colin - 07484 399275

Tessa - 07812 055234

Information about other support available in Belton is available from the village website:


Braunston in Rutland (covers Brooke)

Braunston Good Neighbour Scheme are a group of local volunteers within the village are able to assist residents who are self-isolating with: 

  • shopping and prescriptions
  • posting mail
  • a friendly phone call 
  • urgent supplies
  • Dog Walking
  • IT support for Social Media

T: 07422 693 608 (call or text)



See Braunston in Rutland - this good neighbour scheme also covers Brooke.


See Cottesmore - this good neighbour scheme also covers Burley.

Cottesmore (includes Burley)

Support offered is picking up shopping, food bank, posting mail, friendly phone call and urgent supplies.


9am to 1pm: Sally Hartnoll on 01572 812824 07516 708008

1pm to 5pm: Sarah Day on 07730 952951

5pm to 9pm: Joan Edwards on 01572 813317


Edith Weston & Normanton

Edith Weston & Normanton Community Support Volunteers are offering support with shopping deliveries to the doorstep, collecting prescriptions, posting letters and having a chat on the phone.

T: 01780 722164


This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate


Egleton Support Group are offering help with shopping and prescription collection and have set up a WhatsApp group.

T: 01572 724 250, or Victoria on 07734 261991

E:, or Victoria:


Empingham Volunteer Group are offering help with shopping, prescription collection and telephone chats. Please contact between 10am and 2pm if you can.

They are working closely with both the Empingham Medical Centre, the local village shop and surrounding shops and local businesses to coordinate the help. 

T: 01780 460557 



Help is available with getting basic essentials, prescription collection, help with simple chores, walking the dog, posting letters or even just a friendly phone call.

A letter has been delivered to all residents and measures have been put in place for volunteers to cover all homes, with a follow up COVID-19 contact from your volunteer leaflet.  The details are also in the Village News magazine that has delivered to every household.

For those without internet access, there will be routine updates posted on the village notice board.

T: 01780 752711 or 07939 132093


You can also get in touch (at a safe distance) at the post office located at 6 Glen Crescent, Essendine, PE9 4LP.

Exton and Horn

Exton and Horn Community Volunteers are offering help with shopping, prescription collection and telephone calls.

Village website will be updated regularly with information

Notices will be displayed on village noticeboard.  

The Village pub Fox & Hounds are providing takeaway meals and may be able to supply some essential grocery/toiletries

Village Newsletter usually printed at school may become news sheet printed privately.

T: 01572 811576 or 01572 812233 


This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate


Contact scheme co-odinator Stephanie Talbot for information:

T: 01572 822821 or 07515 426149


This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate


Greetham Village Friend Scheme are able to help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, a friendly phone call and any other urgent needs.


T: 01572 812136 



T: 01572 813448   



T: 01572 813877


Great Casterton (including Toll Bar)

Casterton Good Neighbours can help with shopping,  prescription collection, dog walking and non-financial administration / IT support.

Areas covered: Great Casterton, Little Casterton, Toll Bar and Rutland Heights.

T. 07983 373779



There is a WhatsApp group which covers every household in the parish , either directly or indirectly via a relative with the app.

They are offering help with shopping, visits (at the appropriate distance) and providing home cooking.



An email helpline has been set up to help anyone in the village who is self isolating with things like shopping, prescription collection, dog-walking or a friendly telephone call.

E: /


See Exton and Horn.


Ketton Together and Ketton Good Neighbour Scheme can deliver groceries and newspapers - call the Village Shop on 01780 720 245 to order by 1pm and we will deliver to your doorstep.

We can help in other ways too - call the good neighbour scheme between 9am to 8pm if you are in need - we can:

  • pick up and deliver prescriptions to your doorstep
  • help with any urgent need for supplies, such as scarce items
  • give you a wave or call on the phone if you need a chat
  • share information and ideas of how to keep entertained
  • help with other needs that may arise.

Village shop: 01780 720 245

Ketton Good Neighbour Scheme:
T -
 07517 798397

Facebook page:

This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate


Combined Parish Council & Parish Church good neighbour scheme are offering help with shopping, prescription collection etc. via a volunteer register co-ordinated by Parish Council - leaflets will be posted to all homes. 

T: 07881 940680


Little Casterton

Volunteer Helpers can help with shopping and collecting medicines, help with ordering on-line deliveries, help accessing the village ‘Nextdoor’ site and any other help as needed.

Toll Bar residents can get help from the Great Casterton self help group.

All villagers have Volunteer Helper’s email and phone contact information. 


Lyddington Prescriptions service are offering help with medicine collections.

T: 0116 260 6580 / 07703 749097



See Wing - this good neighbour scheme also covers Lyndon.


Manton Self Isolation Support Volunteers are offering help with prescription collection from Empingham or Uppingham surgeries, shopping, dog walking, posting mail and friendly chats on the phone.

Prescription collections - contact Ruth Blinch:

t: 01572 737237 


All other support - contact Kathy Reynolds

t: 01572 737449 


Market Overton

Market Overton Good Neighbour Scheme are offering support with shopping and prescription collection.

T: 07523 748612


Morcott Good Naighbours Scheme is offering support with shopping, prescription collection, dog walking as well as phone & advice support.

T: 01572 747157 Jane Williams or 01572 747472 Gina Hacker or

The village website provides local information and updates


See Edith Weston - this good neighbour scheme also covers Normanton.

North Luffenham

We mail dropped the whole of the village looking for volunteers to help the vulnerable residents of the parish. We now have a list of 30 residents who can assist with getting food, medicines when needed plus offering a dog walking service if that is required. We are looking to ‘buddy’ the volunteers with a resident which will hopefully reduce an element of risk.

We are also looking to work with the shop in Edith Weston so that certain food such as eggs, milk and bread can be supplied locally from the Fox public house.

T: 07825 697841




Oakham Neighbours have over 1,600 people have signed up to the Oakham Neighbours Covid-19 Support Group on Facebook. We're currently organising into neighbourhood teams to link volunteers with their neighbours who need practical help or just a friendly chat.

Local people needing support can message through Facebook or email

Volunteers can sign up here:

Local people needing support can message us through Facebook.

T: 01572 842079 


See Wing - this good neighbour scheme also covers Pilton.


Preston Community Support Group are offering help with shopping, collecting medicines, dog walking etc  and arrange additional services as they become necessary.  The Village Hall will be used as a distribution point where required

A village WhatsApp has been set up as the main communication for villagers, which all residents are encouraged to join.  Specific processes will be put in place for anyone who needs help but is unable to use WhatsApp.

Letters have been sent to every home in the village offering help where required, and asking for village volunteers to come forward - to volunteer contact Kay Waterworth (details below).

Contact details:

Chris Sworn, chair of Preston Village: 

T: 01572 737643 E: 

Phil Grimley, clerk to Preston Village 

T: 01572 737717   E:

Kay Waterworth, Preston church warden: 

T: 01572 737339  E: 

Tricia Dickenson:  

T: 01572 737882 E:

This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate


Ridlington Street Reps Vountary Group are offering assistance with shopping - leaflets have been sent to homes with more information and contact details.

T07595 955561

Ryhall and Belmesthorpe

Information has gone in the Village News magazine that is delivered to every household in both villages. 

Ryhall Parish Council and Belmesthorpe Neighbourhood Watch are producing a leaflet to go to every household with contact details and information.

Belmesthorpe Neighbourhood Watch organised by Adrian Gombault: Call 01780 755282.

Ryhall Covid 19 is organised by Debbie Rolfe at the Green Dragon& Miranda Amies at the Ryhall Post Office and stores. They offer a delivery service from the village shop for the elderly, isolated and vulnerable. 

They have two collectors who collect prescriptions from the surgery and deliver to those in need.

They have 35 volunteers to shop and help when needed.

Contact Debbie between 10am and 11.30 am daily for prescription requests on 01780 763572.

Contact Miranda between 9am and 1pm for food items on 01780 763572.


Seaton Good Neighbours are offering help with shopping, collect prescriptions, dog walking, or simply have a chat so you can keep in touch with village life.

They can also put you in touch with local organisations that deliver Fruit, Veg, Meat, and Animal Feed.

They can also put you in touch with the George and Dragon Pub which is helping by providing takeaway meals.

Seaton Good Neighbours has also up a WhatsApp Group.

Anyone who needs help should text the telephone number or email the following email address saying what help they need, their name and phone number.

A volunteer will then call them back asap.

Text:  07506 744288


Volunteers should call 07506 744288 to offer their services.

Details and regular updates are available on the village website at

South Luffenham

South Luffenham Good Neighbours have a list of volunteers for each street in the village happy to help out with shopping, fetching medicines, dog walking and anything else needed if a resident is self-isolating.


This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate


Tinwell Community Support are offering help with shopping, prescription collection, dog walking, phone/skype calls, putting bins out, help around the garden, a daily call or wave to make sure all is well.


Andy and Katherine McKee 01780 764913

Chas and Katharine McDevitt 07514 320372

Darren Bentley 07747 776934

Cherie Carhill 07719 347712

Dave and Cathy Jarvis 07538 588840

Nicky Wilkinson 07958 313434



Tixover COVID-19 Volunteer group are based in Tixover, but will aim to also support people living in Tixover Grange and Welland Meadows area.

The group are offering support with shopping, pharmacy collections, dog walking and other essentials. 

Volunteers are largely still in full time employment so much though not all of the support can only be provided in evenings and weekends

T: 07469 258059


Toll Bar

See Great Casterton - this good neighbour scheme also covers Toll Bar.


UppWatch are able to support people who need non-medical support.

T: 07710 328 469


For Uppingham parents, there is a Facebook group where local people are offering to support their neighbours with children who may be self-isolating. 

Visit the Facebook group  


Whissendine Good Neighbour Scheme are on alert to help people living in Whissendine.

They are also looking for more volunteers.

T: 07500 599635 - line manned 8am to 8pm


The White Lion are now operating a hot food takeaway, and also offering to pick up prescriptions.

T: 01664 474233



This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate

Wing, Pilton and Lyndon

Wing Parish Council are offering a prescription collection service which includes the villages of Pilton and Lyndon.

T01572 737868 / 07802 514404

This good neighbour scheme has signed up to collect donations for Rutland Foodbank - find out how you can donate

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